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Condition monitoring

chronos Decima

Condition monitoring

chronos Decima


Condition monitoring is about process optimization, predictions, and predictive maintenance. Condition monitoring refers to the process of monitoring conditions in machines, factories, and facilities (such as vibration, temperature, etc.). The purpose is to identify states and state changes, ensure that these are within the optimum, and to indicate developing errors, so that preventive measures can be implemented before major failure and consequences occur. Condition monitoring makes it possible to plan maintenance and preventive measures to prevent further failures and subsequent unplanned downtime.

Chronos Decima capabilities:


  • Registration and elimination of undesirable operating conditions at an early stage
  • Status-oriented maintenance replaces maintenance based on fixed time schedules
  • Reduction of service and material costs
  • Longer component and machine life
  • Increase system availability
  • Avoid unplanned downtime
  • Planned and cost-optimised repair
  • Increased profitability
  • Optimisation of operating patterns


Makes it possible to monitor machines and plants both locally and remotely via our specially developed lossless communication. Our solution is capable of handling communication failures.

Actionable information

Provides important information for predictive maintenance


Enables dynamic operational optimisation

Proactively control

The goal is to maintain machines and plants proactively, reduce downtime and increase the efficiency of the entire plant.

Time resolution

Time resolution of up to 100 Hz for optimisation of operational reliability and streamlining of machines and plants

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Chronos AS | Munkedamsveien 67, 3rd floor, Oslo

Support/helpdesk: +47 97 55 70 02/+47 97 55 70 47
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