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Google's advanced machine learning framework. Chronos uses this primarily for its advanced neural networks for predictions.

Wikipedia about TensorFlow.

- leading open source data mining and analysis tool.

Wikipedia about Rapidminer.

Apache™ Hadoop®

- Apache ™ Hadoop® project develops open source software for reliable and scalable distributed computing.

Apache Hadoop software is a framework for distributed processing of large amounts of data. The technology makes it possible to create solutions that can run both on a single server and on thousands of servers.
Error handling and parallelization of data and calculations are built into the technology.

- R is a free development environment for statistics, machine learning and graphic presentation. The development environment is used by Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Google, educational and research institutions and many others.

Professional framework for machine learning and natural language processing.
- Python is a free development environment. The development environment contains an extensive set of libraries for creating statistical solutions, machine learning, text analysis, etc. Companies and institutions that use Python include Yahoo, Walt Disney, National Weather Service, NASA, the Swedish Meteorological Institute, Red hat, IBM and the CIA.
Scikit Learn
- framework for the development of advanced data analysis and machine learning.

- Statsmodels is a framework for data exploration, estimation of statistical models and implementation of statistical tests.

The framework contains a comprehensive list of descriptive statistics, statistical tests, plot functions. Many companies and academic institutions use this framework.

mongo DB

- leading no-sql document database system.

Apache Spark

- Apache Spark™ is a very fast and scalable engine for large scale data processing. Spark runs on standard Intel affordable and cost-effective servers.


- leading SQL database.

- leading SQL database.
Postgre SQL
- leading open source SQL database
- leading open source SQL database

- Keras is a high-level definition language for advanced neural networks. Architectures and calculations are easier to define and understand. Chronos uses this language of definition with Google Tensorflow. The tools are integrated..

Wikipedia about Keras.

Apache ActiveMQ
Apache ActiveMQ is the most popular open source, multi-protocol, Java-based messaging server.

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Chronos AS | Munkedamsveien 67, 3rd floor, Oslo

Support/helpdesk: +47 97 55 70 02/+47 97 55 70 47
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